Full Mouth Dentures or Complete dentures are for patients that require all teeth to be replaced either in the upper jaw, lower jaw or both.

What Are Complete Dentures?

These dentures are prosthetic devices that replace missing teeth or a complete arch. They consist of two main parts: artificial teeth and denture base. The “artificial teeth” component is used to restore oral function and the appearance of the natural tooth. It also restores the occlusion and assists in word pronunciation.

The “dental base” part is used to restore the defective soft and hard tissues. It serves as the foundation of artificial teeth. With complete dentures, connectors are not necessary. This is because there is no need for space to install a major connector onto the denture.


The advantages of a full mouth denture include:
– Aesthetically pleasing as it allows you to experience a full smile, and regain your confidence
– Least costly treatment options for replacing all teeth in the upper or lower arch
– Help improve any speaking problem that was associated to loss of teeth


The disadvantages of a full denture include:
– A full denture may feel bulky compared to other types of dentures
– Due to patient’s differing anatomy of jaws, and muscles, the full denture may not be as stable compared to other option
– Full mouth dentures may need to be relined to help remain stable and longevity

Types of Complete or Full Mouth Dentures

The two main types of complete dentures include:

  1. Conventional dentures – having all of the teeth removed for at least 8 weeks prior to the fabrication of the denture. This method is used to ensure the surrounding tissues can heal from the extraction, and in turn mean the denture will fit more accurately.

    However, this is not an ideal situation if the you do not already have a denture, as you will be without teeth during this period

  2. Immediate dentures involve providing a denture on the same day as the teeth are extracted, which means you will never be without teeth. However, this options may mean you will need your denture relined within 3-6 months due to tissue changes following the extractions.

In Summary

We use these complete or full mouth dentures for patients with no teeth remaining in one or both jaws. How well these dentures fit depends on how much bone remains after the patient’s teeth are lost. When getting full dentures fitted on the first day, the patient will need to wear them for 24 hours. After that, we recommend removing them before going to sleep to give the gums a chance to rest.

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