Palmerston Road Denture Clinic prides itself of superior customer service. We provide a range of denture services in Sydney including:

Complete Dentures

Complete or full mouth dentures are removable devices for patients that require all teeth to be replaced either in the upper jaw, lower jaw or both.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures may be right for you if you only have a few teeth missing. A partial denture is removable and helps provide support to your natural teeth and gums.

Denture Additions

At our denture care clinic, we are able to add new teeth to your existing dentures. New clasps, wires and/or strengtheners can also be added to existing appliances. We understand that circumstances change since purchasing your denture, and you may have lost an additional tooth. We can easily add a new tooth to your denture which will save you time and money.

 Implant over-dentures

Over-dentures are replacement teeth that are retained by dental implants. This means that the denture is more stable than adhesives which ensures a well-fitting denture. This improved stability helps the patient to be able to eat more efficiently and comfortably. If you are interested in discussing if you are a candidate, please call us on (02) 9482 1952

Sports Mouthguards

A custom-fit mouthguard is essential for our clients who play contact sports including rugby, hockey, boxing etc. They are beneficial as they provide a precise fit that will offer maximum level of comfort with superior protection. Additionally, it allows for effective communication and easier to breath while in use.

Nursing Home Denture Service

At Palmerston Road Denture Clinic, we come to you! We understand that everyone is not mobile. We will make it easy and less traumatic, and take away the hassle of coming into our clinic. We will come to your nursing home, retirement village or even your home!


We understand that denture repairs need to be completed in a timely and efficient manner. At our denture repair lab, we can look after you if you need your denture repaired, just give us a call to make an appointment.


The shape of our gums can change over time, including when we get older. This means that over time, your dentures may not fit as well. A denture reline involves placing a new fitting surface onto your denture. This will usually provide more suction for the upper denture.

Denture Cleaning

We guarantee 100% satisfaction with your dentures – at no extra cost!

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