Frequently Asked Questions

Dental Prosthetists are trained to make clinical decisions in the design and construction of your denture. From the consultation, to the patient receiving their dentures, the treatment taken is the responsibility of the Dental Prosthetist. They can help you feel confident with your new teeth, and ensure you receive exactly what you desire.
At Palmerston Road Denture Clinic, we recommend you come back for your FREE consultation every 2 years. This will ensure you have peace of mind that your denture is still in great shape. During this consultation we will check how stable your dentures are, and can make any adjustments or relines if needed. Dentures usually have a life span of around 5 to 7 years.
We offer a FREE consultation to all our patients. During this consultation we will outline all the future costs and treatment plans to ensure you are comfortable, and understand all the necessary information. We have HICAPS facilities, so you can claim on-the-spot. We also cover DVA, and Oral Health Vouchers from the Hospital.
Unfortunately due to different health funds, we cannot give you an exact amount. We recommend you call your health fund directly to find out how much you will be covered for. We can provide you with the necessary item numbers that you will need to determine the rebate. We have HICAPS facilities in the clinic, so you can claim on-the-spot. We also take all major Credit Cards, Cash and DVA.
You may notice some difficulty in pronouncing some words when you first receive your denture. However, in a short adjustment period, your speech will improve and the dentures will feel quite normal. You will return to your natural speaking voice.
When you receive your new dentures, we will give you all the information in a complimentary pack. The instructions include using a non-abrasive cleaner with a soft tooth brush, this will ensure you don't scratch the surface of your denture. The dentures must be cleaned daily. Make sure you place a towel under where you are cleaning so if you drop your dentures, they will not break.