Denture Repair

Denture Repair

If you’re looking for a denture repair lab in Sydney, Palmerston Road Denture Clinic is at your service. Here at our clinic, we believe in the importance of having quality dentures, which is why we go above and beyond in providing services to meet our patient’s prosthetic needs. Our services include denture repair and cleaning, denture relines, implant overdentures, and denture additions.

The main dental prosthetist in our denture repair lab has been in the dental industry for 30 years, servicing patients with different needs. At Palmerston Road Denture Clinic, you can rest assured that your dentures are made from high-quality materials by an experienced prosthetist of a reliable denture lab.

Whether you have a lost or chipped tooth or a broken clasp in your denture, our Denture Clinic in Sydney has the right solutions for you. When repairing your denture, we make sure to soak and scrub it properly, prepare its broken surface, pour fresh acrylic and finish it with a trim and polish. Contact us and visit us!

Denture Reline

Denture reline involves adding new base material to the side of your denture where it meets your gums. This is needed because the gums have shrunk or reabsorbed, and this has led to your denture not fitting quite as comfortably as it used to.

A denture reline is needed because your gum tissues may have shrunk or reabsorbed, which has led to your denture not fitting quite as comfortably as it used to. Another reason for getting denture relines is when they break, chip, or crack. And if it starts feeling loose or if sore spots begin to form, be sure to seek help from dental professionals to avoid infections.

Denture Repair Sydney


Yes, you can definitely repair broken dentures. While you can attempt a DIY fix with glue if your situation deems it, you should seek assistance from your dentist right away, if possible, since not all types of adhesives are made for oral consumption. But if the damage is extensive, expect that your dentist will require you to replace it immediately.
In case of an emergency, you may use superglue as a temporary fix for your broken dentures. Just be sure that the superglue completely dries before using the dentures again to avoid having a chemical taste in your mouth. Take note that this self-repair won't suffice and replace the need to seek professional help to fix your broken dentures.
How often should dentures be relined? Once your dentures feel loose whenever you wear them, get them relined right away and do not sacrifice your comfort and the function of your dentures. However, on average, have your denture relined every one to two years. And if you recently had your dentures fitted, expect that you will require more relines in the earlier stages until it settles.
There are two types of relines: a hard reline and a soft reline. A hard reline can last up to two years, while a soft reline can last for one to two years. To ensure they last longer and their shape consistently better, make sure that you care for them like how you would brush your natural pearly whites. Brush it regularly using a soft-bristled toothbrush, and soak it in warm water or a mild denture-soaking solution overnight.

Handle Your Dentures with Care

When your gums have shrunk, your denture may not fit quite as comfortably as it used to. That is how denture relines can help. Our dental prosthetist ensures that your denture is not loose or painful to wear.

We advise our patients on how to care for their dentures at home. Our number one rule for good denture care and maintenance involves rinsing dentures after eating and removing them during bedtime. We also advise our patients to use a non-abrasive brush to remove food particles stuck to their dentures.

Also, take note that dentures can crack or chip on a hard surface, so make sure to place them on a towel after rinsing. You also have to keep them moist, so soak them overnight, but not in hot water as this will cause them to warp. When you do all this, you can prolong the life of your prosthetics.

If your dentures are cracked, damaged, or ill-fitting and is looking for affordable denture reline service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our denture repair lab. Palmerston Road Denture Clinic can quickly repair cracks and chips in your dentures for your convenience.

FREE check-up every 2 years!

At Palmerston Road Denture Clinic , we recommend coming back in for your FREE check-up every 2 years. During this check-up, we will check how stable your dentures are, and can make any adjustments or relines if needed. Contact us and visit us!

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