Now more than ever, modern dentistry offers more options for replacing damaged or missing teeth. With the introduction of oral implants, patients can now experience definitive planning and treatment for all their teeth concerns. There’s also the conventional complete dentures, which remain the go-to choice for most patients.

But it can be confusing choosing which option works best for your unique prosthetic needs, what with the dental jargons out there. Are implant overdentures even the same as traditional ones?

What are Implant Over-dentures?

Over-dentures are replacement teeth that are retained by dental implants. This means that the denture is more stable than adhesives which ensures a well-fitting denture. This improved stability helps the patient to be able to eat more efficiently and comfortably.

Why go for Implant-Supported Overdentures?

Our affordable denture clinic provides a budget-friendly and effective option for improving denture fit. If you have been dealing with poor-fitting dentures, we have the right solution for you. Our implant-supported dentures are specially made to ensure a stable foundation to attach partial or full dentures. The benefits of these dentures don’t end there.

With implant overdentures, you can:

Improve digestion

With overdentures holding your dental implants in place, you can chew food thoroughly. This makes it easier to swallow food and break it down in your stomach.

Retain facial structure and features

Missing teeth are the culprit behind the “sunken cheeks” look. Patients with missing teeth can look prematurely aged as the area between their nose and chin shrink. With implant-supported dentures, you can retain the original structure of your face from when you had a complete set of teeth.

Reduce bone loss

Apart from sunken cheeks, missing teeth is also responsible for bone loss around the jaw. With implant overdentures, you can stimulate your jaw bone when you chew, preventing bone loss. This stimulation is possible because overdentures include implants installed inside the jawbone. This is also the reason why patients feel like they have a natural set of teeth when wearing overdentures.

Dentures Designed for Your Comfort

Our main prosthetist here in our Denture clinic in Sydney has been performing dental implants on patients for many years now, integrating the latest dental implant technology. We ensure that you will have a pleasant experience when you step foot into our clinic with newly installed implant overdentures.

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