Sports Mouthguards

A custom-fit mouthguard is essential for our clients who play contact sports including rugby, hockey, boxing etc. They are beneficial as they provide a precise fit that will offer maximum level of comfort with superior protection. Additionally, it allows for effective communication and easier to ...

Implant Over Dentures

Over-dentures are replacement teeth that are retained by dental implants. This means that the denture is more stable than adhesives which ensures a well-fitting denture. This improved stability helps the patient to be able to eat more efficiently and comfortably. If you are interested in discussi...

Nursing Home Services

At Palmerston Road Denture Clinic  We come to you! We understand that everyone is not mobile.  We will make it easy and less traumatic and take away the hassle in coming to our clinic. We will come to you! We will come to your nursing home, retirement village, or home

100% Australian Made

All our products are manufactured on site in Australia using the highest quality material and procedures.

Free Consultation

At Palmerston Road Denture Clinic we believe in our commitment to the best of service. We will provide a FREE complimentary consultation! In your complimentary consultation we will provide you with a detailed treatment plan, options and costings to you. Once you have decided on what treatment you...